Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Nuclear Fallout in Odawara?

What to eat and what not to eat?

I`ve probably “erred” on the side of caution or even paranoia on this one, and it hasn`t been because of my health but I have been concerned about what my rapidly growing children eat. How can I keep them safe?

The government, local and national has been saying things are safe?

I guess my problem has been I haven`t heard the message. I didn`t really trust them.

However maybe I have to; and in fact maybe they are trustworthy in the case of food safety anyway.

So many politicians disappoint it seems, so it is natural to lose trust in them.

About food though, I think the Japanese government is doing a good job. And if they fail or if the local government fails to inform, NHK or some fifth estate media
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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Tokyo Travel Guide on Odawara Castle

Tokyo Travel Guide on Odawara Castle - they have a nice page on our beloved castle with some amazing photographs of "Odawara Jo" throughout the seasons.

It really is one of Japan`s most underrated castles in my opinion.

Tokyo Travel Guide:

An Edo Period castle from the Kamakura Era, it is said that the first person to build the castle was Kobayakawa Tohira. It was seized by Hojo So-un in 1495, became the residence of a Mr. Okubo in the Edo Period, and towered over the city as a symbol of Odawara until its destruction in 1860. The outside of the current keep was restored in 1960 using fortified concrete, and the inside is an exhibition room for ancient books, paintings, amour, swords and other historical documents and artifacts. At its highest point the castle is 60m tall and affords a panoramic view of Sagami Bay - on a clear day, visitors can see as far as the Boso Peninsula.

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Anyone Cycling in the Odawara area?

Gus Duncan an avid local cyclist asks:

Anyone riding in the Odawara area...?
Greetings fellow Bikers...
Is anyone riding in the Odawara area?

I have just moved here from the Gold Coast, Australia.
My name is Gus and I have been watching TCC on and off for a couple of years now thinking that someday I might be able to ride in Japan. That day has truly arrived.
My wife, Michiyo and I have bought a mansion in Odawara looking up towards Hakone. It is truly a beautiful area.
In the last month, apart from setting up the new place, I’ve managed to ride Yabitsu – Sagami Lake, Izu Kogan – Syuzenji – Matsuzaki and Shimoda using a compass and maps covered in undecipherable kanji…!

I’d be interested in joining any rides you have planned. I’m available midweek if anyone has time. I'll be riding most days somewhere around Izu / Odawara area. I'm planing a run to Miura Peninsular.

I'm up for anything... 50, 100, 200kms is OK. I like passes and don’t mind Japanese traffic.

Looking forward to gaining some local knowledge. Read More


Odawara Bike Rides

Odawara Bike Rides

Odawara to Enoshima by bike

Odawara & Hakone by bicycle

It took us I think about two and a half hours to get to Odawara. We were quite hungry when we got there, so we ate lunch near the Odawara train station and looked around a bit. Odawara is quite a big city compared with Chigasaki or Oiso and it's a very Japanese city as there is the Odawara Castle, so it's somewhat tourist-y with lots of shops catering to visitors. After walking around the station area looking at mostly delicious looking foods and sweets, we rode over to the Odawara Castle. These iconic Japanese castles were all built within a period of half a century during the era just before the Edo period if I remember correctly. Not all of them still exist today and of ones that still do, many are ones that have been re-built after they were destroyed in earthquakes and fires. I believe the Odawara castle has been re-built. It stands wide and not as smart looking as some other castles, but when we went inside it was very roomy and it went up much higher than I expected. Read More


Cycling in Odawara

Travis`s recommended cycling course around Odawara from Tokyo Cycling Club

KT7 - Odawara; "147" loop!
Very quick course info:

Start at Odawara…
Head up Rte.74 & then Rte.78 to “Ashigara-toge” (736m).
From Ashigara, we head down along Rte.365, from which we can head straight onto the fabled Rte.147 – and up to “Mikuni-toge”.
From there, down to the lake (Yamanaka-ko), but instead of heading North-East on R413, we head South-West and onto Rte.138 and back down to Gotemba.
From Gotemba, it goes up again to Sengoku-hara, and then to the downhill that we all did on the “Atami” ride (Pucci’s road) – thence back to Odawara.

I haven’t made the map yet, so I can’t give you exact distances, but it looks like an even 100km loop from Odawara over 3 climbs.

>Pucci: I could use your help on this one! This is your area. T

Anyway, once the map is done (probably tomorrow), I’ll post it for all to see!
Should be good!



Tuesday, May 24, 2011

湘南の暴れん坊 復活へ ベルマーレフットサルクラブ2011新体制発表



 なお会見の中では、後援会組織『FAO』の活動計画や、今シーズンからの新プロジェクト『ODAWARA Smile Power』の概要も発表。今後2市8町の企業や団体がクラブを媒介にして、子どもたちを対象に「体育・知育・徳育・食育」の推進を図っていくという。


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Local Radioactive Tea

The Yomiuri Shimbun

Local farmers have been thrown into confusion after the health and farm ministries expressed differing views over shipments of tea harvested in Kanagawa Prefecture after fresh leaves were found to have exceeded government limits for radioactive cesium.

The Health, Labor and Welfare Ministry has been trying to restrict shipments of tea leaves from the prefecture about 300 kilometers from the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant due to health concerns. The Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Ministry, however, has claimed that despite the high levels of radioactive material, drinking tea made from the leaves would be safe because the radioactive material would be diluted.

One tea farmer in the prefecture grumbled, "I have no idea what's going to happen. I want them to clear things up."

The radiation safety limit for tea leaves is 500 becquerels per kilogram, the same as for vegetables, while the limit for tea drinks is 200 becquerels per kilogram, the same as for drinking water.

There have been no reports of drinks exceeding the 200-becquerel limit made from radiation-contaminated tea leaves. But fresh tea leaves harvested May 9-12 in six municipalities in the prefecture were found to have been contaminated with more than 500 becquerels of radioactive material.

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JIGG Kanagawa Boardgames Club

Do you like to play boardgames? Do you live in or can you come to Kanagawa?

Get in on the game!

We play boardgames of all kinds. New members always welcome! Membership is free!

We speak Japanese and English! Come if you love to play games.

JIGG Kanagawa Boardgames Club


Monday, May 16, 2011

南足柄市の放射線 何が安全で、何が危険なのか

南足柄市の放射線 何が安全で、何が危険なのか?



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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Radiation in Odawara and Minamiashigara – What is Safe and What is dangerous?

Radiation in Odawara and Minamiashigara – What is Safe and What is dangerous?

I know that all the residents of Minamiashigara want to keep their children safe.

Mayor Kato, and Minamiashigara City Hall – what is safe?

Congratulations Katosan on your recent election win. Now though, it is time you get to work.

You shouldn`t be slow on things. You shouldn`t wait for NHK to report the bad news about Minamiashigara tea being radioactive. You need to lead!

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Monday, May 02, 2011

The Sea Creatures near Odawara

Odawara boasts one of the most famous bays in the world, Suruga Bay, which is just south
of Odawara, off the Izu Penninsula. National Geographic has often featured Suruga Bay in both their magazine and TV programs.


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