Thursday, August 28, 2008

Odawara Laughter Club

Laughter Yoga 小田原ラフタークラブ

We all know that laughter makes us feel good. Laughter Yoga combines laughter exercises and yoga breathing to give you the health benefits of hearty laughter. It's fun and easy.

After just one laughter yoga session you can experience the benefits and feel the difference: blood and all major organs are fully oxygenated, leaving us bursting with energy. High endorphin levels put us in a great mood and reduce pain. Stress levels reduce by 75%.

Come laugh, make friends, and feel great!
Dates: Saturday, September 13; Sunday, Sept. 21*
Sunday, October 19*
Saturday, November 1; Sunday, November 9*
Saturday, December 6; Sunday, December 14*

Time: 2:00-3:30

Place: Odawara-Shi Shougai Gakushuu Senta- "Keyaki" (formerly Odawara Chuo Kominkan).

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The Odawaran: An Open Community focused on Odawara

I've started building an open community focused on Odawara
at This is a multilingual social networking service
for people living in Odawara, business owners, voluntary groups, etc.

I know some of you own businesses. But this site allows you
to make money (by adding amazon affiliate links, or even allows you
to advertise freely using blogs/pages/groups).

Additionally I've published a safty map, where it illustrates recent
crimes in Odawara.

I'm creating a series of how to videos, and if you have questions using
this site, please message me anytime.


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Potluck Supper & Christian Worship in Ninomiya, Sept. 6th, 2008

Informal potluck supper and Christian worship Saturday, Sept. 6, at
6:00, in Ninomiya

We're a mix of Japanese- and English-speaking folks from several
countries living in the western Kanagawa area. We gather once a month
for an informal supper and Christian worship time together.

September's event will include one of our group talking about the
missionary work she did helping children in Cambodia over her summer
university break.

Bring something simple to share for supper. "Salad-y" kinds of things,
chips, soft drinks, or cookies/biscuits would be fine. (You don't have
to cook anything, really, in other words.)

Email me here or phone us at 0463-72-1742 if you're interested in
getting directions to come. Our home's about 10 minutes by bus from
Ninomiya station.

We have folks willing to help pick you up at Ninomiya or (usually)
Hadano stations, too.

John Martin


Crime in the Odawara Area

Map of recent crimes in Odawara showing where they occurred. This map was submitted to the Odawara Bulletin
Board by Takuya. Thanks Takuya!


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