Tuesday, January 06, 2009

International Christian Gathering on Jan. 10th, 2009

We're a group made of folks from several different countries living
in western Kanagawa. We enjoy getting together with each
other, eating, learning, worshiping Jesus, and helping other
people. Last month, about 20 of us got together.

On Jan. 10th, we'll have a special guest from Thailand! And she and
one of our regular members who went to Thailand recently will talk
about some of the needs there, what they've done to help there, and
how they've experienced God in their lives and by working there.

We'll probably make Japanese curried rice for supper. If you'd like
to help, please bring something that'd go along with that--some kind
of soft drinks or juice, some fruit, biscuits or cookies--those sorts
of things. That'd really help!

We'll start supper about 6:30. Please write here or call 0463-72-1742
if you need directions or a ride. Also, buses leave for the area
where we live at 5:20 and 5:50 from the northern side of Ninomiya

Hope to be with you on Jan. 10th!



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