Thursday, June 18, 2009

Yokohama Immigration Has Moved

Yokohama Immigration as of June 1st has moved from it’s location near Chinatown and
Yamashita Park to Shin-Sugita on the JR Keihintohoku/Negishi Line, and the old offices are closed. From the bus terminal at Shin-Sugita train station, use the Yokohama Kotsu Kaihatsu bus line “Torihama 61” and get off at the new bus stop “Nyukokukanrikyoku-mae” (about 15 minutes bus ride). New address: 10-7, Torihama-cho, Kanazawa-ku, Yokohama-shi 236-0002; Phone: 045-769-1720 (General Affairs Division), 045-769-0230 (Foreigner Residence General Information Center Yokohama).


Natural & Organic Food in Odawara

Try MOA organic food store sorta around the corner from Quatre Feuilles Patisserie in Shiroyama. It doesn't have a huge selection or anything, but you can get typical Jpnese stuff. And surely you already know about Radish Boya or that type of delivery/member service. You can`t pick and choose what you get though.

"By the way, I use Radish Boy, an organic food delivery system for our day to day regular products. I've used Co-op before but I switched to Radish Boya (more expensive) for the quality. I could not believe what I was eating was less than acceptible for me, till I tasted the tomatoes from Radish Boya. Picked in the morning and sent to you the same day, when I opend the packages I almost felt like i was in the farm. ie strong beautiful scent of the vegetables."
--Natasha Watts, Tokyo with

You can also order from Alishan
Tengu is a mail order service for organic vegetarian foods, environmentally sound cleaning supplies and more to make life just that much happier and healthier. We ship anywhere in Japan in just a few days (all things being as they should). Place your Tengu order now with a few simple steps to share in the goodness:

* CALL! Feel free to contact us with any questions about products' ingredients, manufacture, storage, availability, etc. Someone's always up for a chat.
* VISIT! Tengu is based in the Alishan Organic Center on the banks of the Koma River in Saitama. Do stop by to sample Alishan Cafe's vegetarian organic menu or to shop direct for Tengu products and seasonal organic vegetables at our weekends-only Tengu Store. We're located one short hour from Ikebukuro by train. Check the cafe hours and map. And let us know when you come by-- it's always fun to put faces to familiar names.
* ORDER! Order by post, fax, phone, email, or right here online in English or Japanese. Use our fax or email order forms or make your own. For optimum service, please make sure that your delivery information is clear and complete, and that it includes your postal code and your home, work and fax numbers, as well as your email address, as applicable. If you know what day and time you'll be available to receive your order, throw that in there too! All prices listed include tax. See the Shipping & Returns below for more detailed information.
* PAY! Your orders will be delivered CASH ON DELIVERY. If you'd prefer to pay by credit card, please give us a call or fax us your card name, number and expiry date (UFJ Card, VISA or MasterCard accepted).

Happy days,
The staff of Tengu

Another home delivery organic store is Oisix.

The Foreign Buyers` Club also offers some organic food.

A bit of FBC history...
FBC Shop

I came to Japan in 1985 with a "real job" and expected to stay a year or two. After a year I brought Kelly over- we got married - and started our life together in Kobe. Well, Kelly loved all the Japanese food and I was okay with some of it like fried chicken but missed Mexican and bagels and breakfast cereal and peanut butter - those things. So, on the side, we worked on a way to import these items for us and our friends using the personal import system. People were pretty excited and soon we had a couple of thousand families ordering several thousand items every week! In 1989 we completed our first full year of being a business and had our first baby, Kristin, so we started looking for things for her - Barney videos, books for story time, along with the diapers and Earth's best baby food and all that. Then, we had 2 more little girls in under 5 years! Yikes! What were we thinking?! And, so did all our friends! At one point there were 3 of us families and we each had 3 girls - play group was our 9 girls! So, everyone wanted videos and books and games (Candyland!) and that service was born!

Then a couple of the big International schools approached us and said - since you send over containers every week and you seem to be buying from many of the same source we get things from lets work together - so we did and now we do most of the shopping for most of the major International Schools in Japan (and some others around Asia as well.) Its the same concept. We are buyers not sellers and we represent a small group of people and go get what they want and need for them. We enjoy the community aspect of it and know most, well, lots of our members and enjoy a good relationship. So that's our story. We have been doing this now for over 20 years! Who would have thought? Certainly not us! Its good fun though and we enjoy meeting the new members and bringing in new and fun items - from pumpkins at Halloween to thousands of turkeys at the holidays - so let us know who you are and what you need and we'll work on it for you! If you're in Kobe drop by, but now with our cool new website and database we can probably do most things for you from here.Chuck and family

Talk soon,

Chuck, Kelly, Lindsey, Kristin, Sydney, Madiso

Of course there is also Costco in Japan and the Flying Pig will deliver Costco
items right to your door anywhere in Japan!

The COSTCO in Kanazawa (Yokohama
But here's the address:
2-6 Sachiura, Kanazawa-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa 236-0003
Tel: 045(791)6001 Fax: 045(782)3489

And here's Machida's address:

3-6-1 Oyamagaoka, Machida-shi, Tokyo 194-0215
tel: 042(798)6001, Fax: 042(798)6002

I seem to remember that the train station is quite far at the Makuhari store, but that Costco has a bus from the station to their store.
The Costco is very far from Machida Station. You really need to drive or order
from Flying Pig.


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