Saturday, May 28, 2011

Cycling in Odawara

Travis`s recommended cycling course around Odawara from Tokyo Cycling Club

KT7 - Odawara; "147" loop!
Very quick course info:

Start at Odawara…
Head up Rte.74 & then Rte.78 to “Ashigara-toge” (736m).
From Ashigara, we head down along Rte.365, from which we can head straight onto the fabled Rte.147 – and up to “Mikuni-toge”.
From there, down to the lake (Yamanaka-ko), but instead of heading North-East on R413, we head South-West and onto Rte.138 and back down to Gotemba.
From Gotemba, it goes up again to Sengoku-hara, and then to the downhill that we all did on the “Atami” ride (Pucci’s road) – thence back to Odawara.

I haven’t made the map yet, so I can’t give you exact distances, but it looks like an even 100km loop from Odawara over 3 climbs.

>Pucci: I could use your help on this one! This is your area. T

Anyway, once the map is done (probably tomorrow), I’ll post it for all to see!
Should be good!




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