Saturday, May 28, 2011

Tokyo Travel Guide on Odawara Castle

Tokyo Travel Guide on Odawara Castle - they have a nice page on our beloved castle with some amazing photographs of "Odawara Jo" throughout the seasons.

It really is one of Japan`s most underrated castles in my opinion.

Tokyo Travel Guide:

An Edo Period castle from the Kamakura Era, it is said that the first person to build the castle was Kobayakawa Tohira. It was seized by Hojo So-un in 1495, became the residence of a Mr. Okubo in the Edo Period, and towered over the city as a symbol of Odawara until its destruction in 1860. The outside of the current keep was restored in 1960 using fortified concrete, and the inside is an exhibition room for ancient books, paintings, amour, swords and other historical documents and artifacts. At its highest point the castle is 60m tall and affords a panoramic view of Sagami Bay - on a clear day, visitors can see as far as the Boso Peninsula.

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