Saturday, May 28, 2011

Anyone Cycling in the Odawara area?

Gus Duncan an avid local cyclist asks:

Anyone riding in the Odawara area...?
Greetings fellow Bikers...
Is anyone riding in the Odawara area?

I have just moved here from the Gold Coast, Australia.
My name is Gus and I have been watching TCC on and off for a couple of years now thinking that someday I might be able to ride in Japan. That day has truly arrived.
My wife, Michiyo and I have bought a mansion in Odawara looking up towards Hakone. It is truly a beautiful area.
In the last month, apart from setting up the new place, I’ve managed to ride Yabitsu – Sagami Lake, Izu Kogan – Syuzenji – Matsuzaki and Shimoda using a compass and maps covered in undecipherable kanji…!

I’d be interested in joining any rides you have planned. I’m available midweek if anyone has time. I'll be riding most days somewhere around Izu / Odawara area. I'm planing a run to Miura Peninsular.

I'm up for anything... 50, 100, 200kms is OK. I like passes and don’t mind Japanese traffic.

Looking forward to gaining some local knowledge. Read More



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