Sunday, October 08, 2006

100 Yen Stores in the Area

Photo by Sandra Isaka

Definitely the best thing to hit Japan recently
are the 100 yen stores. They started out small and
cheesy, but now are just fabulous! Here are the best in
Odawara: 1)Vierge-2nd floor
2)Odawara City Mall-2nd floor next to Tsutaya
3)Nagasaki-ya, top floor
4)Nak-4th floor
5)Epo-3rd? floor
Two smaller ones can
be found on the same shopping street as Epo, and
there is also a small one in Kayama.

Best buys:
decorative ornaments, kitchen gadgets, dinnerware,
stationery products, Japanese omiyage, halloween and
Christmas stuff, and more.

by Sandra Isaka

Update: More 100 Yen Stores

There is a large Daiso 100 Yen store on the second floor of the Welmi
Centre, next to Daiyuzan Station in Minami Ashigara. There is another very
large Daiso on route 255 in Oi Town (Oimachi). They have everything you can
imagine from kitchenware and tools to books, toys and artificial plants
and pots. Two huge floors and free parking.

Along the main shopping street in Kamonomiya, Odawara there is another
large Daiso across from Yamada Denki (Yamada Appliance Shop). It is near
the Mr. Donuts restaurant in Kamonomiya. Again they stock everything
you could imagine and most of it is for 100 Yen.

In Hadano Area, there are some 100 yen stores along route 246. As well
there is a very large Daiso 100 Yen shop in downtown Hadano near the
Jusco shopping mall. It is parallel to Jusco but a few blocks east.

Kevin Burns
Apparel and Accessories at National Geographic