Sunday, September 06, 2009

Minami Ashigara to close another Asset: The Cultural Centre

by Kevin Burns

Minami Ashigara City has been in trouble for a while now,
tax-wise. The local pool in Iizawa stayed closed all summer
for the first time in a long while due to "not having enough
money to run it."

For those who don`t know, it was run by students. They
were the life guards. It was a great asset to the town.
The students were presumably not paid a lot, yet we were not
able to have the services of the pool.

The latest news is that the Minami Ashigara Cultural Centre
(Bunka Kaikan) will close due to lack of funds. Apparently
the city hall has tried to sell it! As well, another rumour
is it may be destroyed. What a shame! It is a beautiful
building and a great place to enjoy music or any kind of

Fuji Film apparently due to losses is due for a tax refund
so Minami Ashigara has to pay that back.

Frankly, if I found my taxes so low, I would understand all of these
closures. But I never feel that I am under-taxed in Japan.

I get so frustrated at times, I think of running for office.
It just seems to me that so much money is wasted on inane
project like cementing the Kari River.

I don`t think Greenpeace would approve.

Paving roads that don`t need paving while leaving
roads that need the stop lines repainted--unpainted and in
danger of causing an accident.

What is the difference between the success of a tiny town like
Kaisei with a population of under 20,000 and a larger city like
Minami Ashigara with a population of 44,000? To me the answer
is good leadership.

The mayor of Kaisei is famous for being innovative and a good leader.
Minami Ashigara lacks that and we are in trouble because of it.

We need good leadership at city hall. Please someone come forward and save us!



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