Sunday, May 25, 2008

English Language Christian Worship Services in Odawara

by John Martin

Especially since the Odawara Christian Center (where we worked
several years ago) has pretty well closed down activities for
foreigners living in the area, my wife and I wanted to let folks know
we're still in the area and hope to be for a long time!

We've been asked by some friends if we'd start some periodic English-
language Christian worship for people here who would like that. So,
we're planning to get together for some fun and informal Christian
worship in English on the first Saturday of June, June 7th. We plan
to start at 6:00pm.

We anticipate a mixed group of friends coming, including Japanese and
foreign friends living in the area. People who come need not
be "Christians," but would need to be respectful of the people coming
and what's going on (and not be proslytizing for any kind of network
marketing scheme or "new" religion or cult group, etc.). Please.

Our time together that evening will mostly be in English, of course,
and we may celebrate the Lord's Supper (Communion) together, as well
as sing some songs, pray together, have a short Bible message or
study time, and just hang out some, getting to know each other better.

We've also been having some gatherings that folks here, foreigners
and Japanese, would be welcome to come join, if they'd be interested
(with the same stipulations above).

For example, last night we had a Christian Japanese friend who's
helping in Cambodia visiting. About 15 folks came to eat together and
hear about her work especially with some of the very poor children in
Cambodia. (I'll work to post information about things like that in
the future.)

We now live in Ninomiya, just a short bus ride away from Ninomiya
station. Folks should write me at this address, with a bit of an
introduction of themselves, and we can give directions.

John Martin



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