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Minami Ashigara Info

Students studying English in Minami Ashigara Shi

by TH

City Area: 7,693ha
1. Residential land: 517ha (7%) 2. Agricultural land: 827ha (11%)
3. Forest land: 5,270ha (68%) 4. Other land: 1,079ha (14%)

2. Climate
1. Average Temperature: 16.2 degree C 2. Highest Temperature: 36.2 degree C
3. Lowest Temperature: -3.1 degree C 4. Annual Rainfall: 1509.5 mm

3. Population: 43,702 (April 1, 1995)
1. Male: 21,886 2. Female: 21,816 3. Population Density: 568/square km

4. Other Statistics
1. Tourists: 1,530,905 (1994) 2. Hospitals: 2 3. Schools: Elementary/6, Junior High/4, Senior High/1 4. Sister City: Tilburg, Netherland

Fuji Photo Film Co. Ltd:
World #2 photographic film manufacturer has the largest color film/paper production plants here in Minami-ashigara, where around 4000 people are working. Dominating!

Daiyuzan Saijo-ji Temple (Doryoson):
Founded in 1394, this temple is the third highest in status in the Buddhist Soto Sect (Zen temple), outranked only by Eihei-ji in Fukui and Soji-ji in Tsurumi.

Mt. Kintoki-yama
Elevation1213m、the highest peak in the Hakone mountain range.
It is said the home-ground of "Kintaro" boy. With various seasonal scenes, hikers like to visit there. At the top, the famous "Kintoki-musume" will welcome you and serve you Japanese tea.

Small but the biggest in the town. Clean and clear water. "Ayu (sweetfish)" is river-fish native to Japan, which only live in clean water like Kari-river.
People love eating "Ayu" as a Japanese traditional delicacy. "Ayu" fishing season opens on June 1, every year.

Daiyuzan Line.
Only one line in the town. Single-tracked. It connects between Odawara, which is the biggest city in the area, and the city center called "Daiyuzan". The distance in between is only 10 km and 21 mimutes ride. The train runs every 12 minutes. No accidents and no competition whatsoever.

"Sunset Waterfall".
One story is that it is named so because the Sun goes down from the center of the fall on January 15th, every year. The 23-meter-high, 5-meter-wide waterfall on the Uchi River on the upper reaches of the Sakawa River (which goes to the Pacific Ocean) is said to have been the place where the legendary Kintaro took his first bath as a new-born baby. The falls and surroundings are beautiful with the fresh green leaves of early summer and the crimson foliage in late autumn. In summertime, the camp-ground is open and the area is enjoyed by people playing along the river.

Along the bank of Horagawa river are Cherry Blossoms.

It is a REAL tourist town, quite friendly, and many of my friends go there for hiking in summer and autumn. Very quiet off-season, and as you guessed not many clubs and bars. Go to Odawara for that. Good intro to the older Japan, that many folks search for.

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