Sunday, August 26, 2007

How to Get to Narita from the Odawara Area?

by Kevin Burns

The Fujikyu bus only costs 4,000 Yen/adult and leaves from various points around Odawara and Minami Ashigara. It is a comfortable ride and a great service. I much prefer it over Narita Express or other ways as it is point to point. You don`t need to transfer anywhere. I get on the bus in Minami Ashigara and can sleep the whole way if I want to.

Here is their link:

How to Get to Narita by Train from Odawara

by Sam Bardon

Getting to Narita is a real pain, but it can be
fairly stress-free with a little preparation.

The fastest way to Narita is to take the Tokaido line from
Odawara to Ofuna or Yokohama. Then, change to the 'Narita
Express'or 'NEX', which heads straight to the airport.

If you can catch an 'Acty' on the Tokaido line, it will
take you about 40 minutes to Ofuna, or about 55 to
Yokohama. (On the regular train it's about 48 minutes and
63 minutes). Then,on the NEX from Ofuna,it takes
just under 2 hours to the airport. From Yokohama, 1
1/2 hours. Only a few trains per day run from Ofuna,
so it is all about what connections are best for
you. Remember that you must make a reservation for the
NEX ahead of time! The cost of the NEX is about 4500
yen from Ofuna, and 4200 yen from Yokohama.
is another way to go that is occasionally quicker,
but only if your connections are perfect. The Odakyu
Romance Car from Odawara to Shinjuku takes 1 hour and 15
minutes. You can then jump on a NEX train in Shinjuku that
heads directly to the airport. That ride takes about an
hour and 15 minutes and costs about 3200 yen.

There are much cheaper ways to travel, but it is well
worth it to spend the extra money to travel in a
reserved seat with as few stops and transfers as
If anyone else knows a quick way, or if you know
the 'cheapest' way for those on a budget, please let
us know!

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Blogger Mackball said...

Cheapest Way: Take the Odakyu Rapid Express, it comes maybe once or twice every hour. It takes about 1 hour 15 minutes and costs 850 yen, or 8 dollars U.S. Transfer. At Shinjuku, transfer to Yamanote Line, it is the most popular line in Tokyo so it runs less than every 5 minutes. Than transfer to the Kesei Limited Express. The trip from Shinjuku to Narita is 1,190 yen.

5:27 AM  
Blogger greatpowers said...

That probably is cheaper then.

I like the Fujikyu Bus because it is so convenient. Picks me up five minutes from home! Then drops me right at Narita. No hastles, no changing trains. I can sleep all the way if I want to and it costs only 4,000Yen.

But for the budget conscious, I agree
your way is probably the cheapest.

12:16 AM  

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