Thursday, February 08, 2007

Odawara`s International Lounge

Pictured: Jazz musician Chris Weber has graced the Odawara music scene for a few years now. He can often be heard at Odawara`s Cafe Ryo on the downtown shopping
street near McDonald`s


The Odawara International Lounge offers English newspapers and magazines, an English book library, internet access, a bulletin board, and extremely cheap Japanese lessons
with great teachers! Moreover if you have an event like a party you can hold it at the lounge. Visit the link above to learn more. The Lounge is located in the Sakae
Cho Parking Garage on the third floor. Don`t be fooled, it is actually a very nice building, and looks kind of like a Japanese castle. It is located next to the main post office in Odawara.

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