Wednesday, August 30, 2006

A Hot Spring Bath, a Cure for a Tough Week

by Sandra Isaka

Had a rough week? Need a long soak in a hot
springs bath? Don't have alot of time? Luckily, we are
well located to take care of such a problem. One of
the easiest outdoor hot springs to reach is up the
mountain behind Hakone Yumoto Station (just a short ride
on the Hakone Tozan Line from Odawara Station). It
is part of the new "Begonia Garden". There is a free
van, that leaves from Hakone Yumoto Station, that
takes you up to the Garden. Stay on the van until the
last stop (a dead-end at the onsen). A combined ticket
to the Garden and Onsen is 1400 yen. The onsen alone
is 1000 yen. I strongly recommend skipping the
garden, as it is not worth the 400 extra yen. The onsen
is open from 10am to 8pm, with last entry at 7:15pm.
There is an indoor onsen, and a small cluster of
outdoor pools, surrounded by lush greenery. Shampoo,
hairdryers, and lockers are provided, but you will need your
own towel (they can be bought out front). There are
also great massage chairs, which are well worth the
100 yen per use. This facility is used to foreigners,
and the people have always been very friendly and

Do you have any favorite 'local' hot springs? Share
your suggestions with us. Know any that should be
avoided? Has anyone ever visited one in Minami Ashigara
(do they exist?) or Yamakita (they do exist, but
where?)? Let us know!!

Originally posted to the Odawara Bulletin Board


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