Friday, August 25, 2006

Shopping in the Odawara Area

Pictured: Dustin Hoffman playing tennis in Hakone. He lost to my wife! Hee hee!
Take that Tootsie! Seriously Dustin is the nicest guy. He is one of my favourite
actors and it was a pleasure to meet him. He is a real gentleman.

In Minami Ashigara, other than the Welmi complex in front of Daiyuzan Station, there isn`t much shopping to speak of here. Don`t even get me started on jokes about Kaisei
Mall either. Merry Lue`s General Store will deliver to your home.
Merry Lue`s General Store
For English books, games, hobby items and food from home visit us at our address
in Tsukahara, Minami Ashigara or shop online. Address: 2659-4 Tsukahara, Minami
Ashigara City, across from the Fuji Supermarket. Tel. 0465-74-4458

For serious shopping you need to go to Odawara. Odawara boasts the largest shopping centre in Kanagawa--Robinson`s. Which sells everything you could want.

Near Odawara Station:
There is good shopping to be had on the south side of Odawara Station. Enjoy walking
the streets and discovering the department stores and boutiques near the station.

Odawara`s Kamonomiya Area
Ito Yokado is a large shopping centre in one large store, it is in the Kamonomiya area of Odawara. There is free parking. There is a supermarket on the first floor and 2nd-4th floor house various goods including clothing, toys, jewelry etc. The brand new City Mall has many stores including Toys are Us. It seems to be the most popular place to shop. It is also located in the Kamonomiya area. Along that whole street the shopping is fairly interesting with many little stores, and boutiques. If you get hungry, Mr Donut is nearby. Finally, Epo near Odawara Station, and the shopping street where Epo is located is a popular place to browse, and go out for lunch or dinner.

The Robinson's Imperial Mall is just like home as well! It is the biggest shopping mall in Kanagawa and it is a stone's throw from the City Mall and Ito Yokado. When you are in Kamonomiya, just ask someone where it is. It boasts all your favourite stores including the Gap and other famous names. Robinson's Shopping Mall in Kamonomiya, Odawara, is a sister shopping mall to Odawara City Mall--they are linked by walkways. It is the largest shopping mall in Kanagawa! It's great especially if you want clothes. The Outlet Mall in Gotemba about 45 minutes drive from here is very famous. It is supposed to be cheaper and sell great clothes. Gotemba area is also very picturesque, much like the Abbottsford area of British Columbia--if you know that area.

Hobbies, toys and Games

Visit Kevin`s War Store

There is also a Toys `r Us in Kamonomiya, Odawara, in the Odawara City Mall. The HelloMac toy shop is located in Kaisei Town just over the Ashigara Ohashi (Big Bridge). It is across the street from theSaizeriya Italian Restaurant and the Hac Drug Store on the east side of the bridge.

Flea Markets:
Merry Lue Store in Tsukahara, Minami Ashigara has a flea market and sells antiques.It is open every day except Monday: 10:30AM-7:30PM.


For antiques from Europe or North America, visit Merry Lue`s Anitques in Minami Ashigara City. Merry Lue`s Antiques


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