Thursday, March 17, 2011

Odawara is Safe, the way I see it

Odawara, Kanagawa, March 18th, 2011

We are staying put, from what I read from non-sensational media, seems to indicate that we are too far away to be at risk.
Well over 300kms of windy air between us and anything from Fukushima, plus much of the time it is blowing out to sea. The radioactive particles are heavier than air (to my knowledge) so it is tough for them to travel far.

Chernobyl was a unique case, where it was spewing radiation for many, many days and they
kept that secret, and people were not evacuated until much later.

In spite of the so called leaking of radiation, all indicators also say we are safe.

If you are concerned about radiation out here in Odawara, you may want to stop putting
your cell phone up to your ear. Really! That is probably the most radiation you will
get today, tomorrow, next week, and even next month.

I am concerned, I am worried, but I also know how rotten the media can be in causing panic which is exactly what they are doing now.
Michael Moore has often cited this.

It really is unfair. Fox news even got the location of the reactors wrong-had a map of a nightclub. CNN is terrible frankly. Sorry if you like them,
I find them sensational and mistake prone as stated in the article below.

I really don`t think that the British, Canadian, American and Australian governments would lie, and they have all issued statements saying
there is no need to leave if you are in Tokyo. They would err on caution.

We are south of Tokyo.

This may reassure, it is written by an MIT professor:

Check my forum for statements issued by our various governments:

I`m scared too, but I think in a week we will see that things have played out okay for us in the south.

I would stay away from well-meaning friends who scare you, they don`t understand the situation from where they are, and how can they really?
- stay away from the media--most of them sensationalize, even the radio
station in Montreal, that interviewed me last night.

BBC and NHK seem like good balanced sources.

Only the French have advised their citizens to leave, however, America, Canada, Australia and Britain disagree with their take on things. (Excuse Moi,)
Sorry but I trust them over the French.

What do we have to worry about? Perhaps another earthquake. That is a concern. But you can stock up on water and batten down the furniture. Other than that I guess we all just have to live our lives.

If you want to head south on a holiday, then that might give some peace of mind but from knowledgable sources they say the radiation is not a concern.

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