Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My Interview and Life in Japan

I was interviewed at midnight Japan time by a morning radio show in Montreal CJAD 800. I think it went well.

On the Media Coverage of this Tragedy in Fukushima

I think the media is sensationalizing much of the tragedy.
It is HUGE. Probably the worst ever in Japan, but a lot of it is being exaggerated--the radiation and such.
I heard that even some BC (Canada) people are really, really worried.
I was surprised. In my interview, I tried to be honest but hopeful, because I know much of the media won`t be.

The kids around here are great. They don`t realize the full extent of everything, but I think kids are naturally resilient.
They can teach us adults!

Here is our current radiation level.

Japan is not the Soviet Union, I don`t think they would lie about everything "with the world watching," as my brother, Gray has said.
I was asked if I believed the Japanese government on this crisis, and I replied that essentially I did.

That said we are being cautious. Wearing allergy masks outside - which we would do anyway as it is allergy season. One radiation expert said it would help.
We take off our coats at the door and leave them there. And we wash our hands.

I think unfortunately some people back home and especially, the media, make all of this worse. Maybe they mean to help but they spread more panic.
I think it is difficult for people to fathom. And Japan looks so tiny on a map.

I guess too, everyone knows that one day it could be them in this hell. And that really freaks people out!

But we are okay. We are coping. Shanaya and Sennah just went to school. Jonah will leave soon. I am off from the university so have been
securing furniture, light fixtures, and shopping for needed goods.

I realize now how tough Mom and Dad were -during the war years and throughout their lives.



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