Monday, January 31, 2011

Odawara`s Sunny Winter - 小田原

Odawara`s Sunny Winter - 小田原

"I may not love Japan all the time, and I may not love getting up for work in the morning.
But everyday I get up in the winter, and though it is cold, it is always sunny. It is hard to beat that."

--a non-Japanese Odawara resident

"Really we should be encouraging people to visit Japan in the wintertime, especially the
Kanto area, because it isn`t too cold, and it is sunny almost everyday."

--a Tokyo resident from the USA

I completely agree with the above. I love Vancouver (where I am from) in the spring,
summer and early fall, but Odawara has a fantastic sunny winter that can`t be beat unless
perhaps you live in Hawaii.    Vancouver is a great place and I miss it. But from
November to March it is cold, cloudy and rainy. Sometimes you don`t see the sun for days.

Odawara is bright and sunny everyday. I love it!



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