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Odawara Resident Bret Fisk & Another American Launch Archive of US Air Raids on Japan

Editor note:
I hope someone else similarly motivated, might consider doing the same on another topic: Make a well researched bilingual website on: Japan`s history in World War 2.
-a well balanced site that details what happened.

There is a tendancy in Japan to focus on the atomic bombings. While they were important
and terrible incidents, they were not the only incidents to occur during World War 2.

Odawara was the last city in Japan to be bombed by allied aircraft during World War 2,
August 15th, 1945. Unfortunately some employees were killed at the Yuasa
factory, that I used to teach at. I taught there for 8 years and there is a memorial to them there. The factory is now closed. They moved operations to Kansai.

Fisk and Karakas launched this site as they felt some Americans were not aware of what happened during the air raids in Japan. It seems they felt that was glossed over.

I feel if you do not know your own history, you do not know yourself.

2 Americans launch bilingual online archive of U.S. air raids on Japan

The website "Japan Air", a digital archive about the U.S. military's air raids on Japan during the Pacific War.

A bilingual Japanese-English website featuring documents, photographs, and other archives relating to the air raids by U.S. military forces on Japan during World War II was launched in late November.

Called "Japan Air," the website was created by two Americans who felt that too many of their compatriots knew too little about what happened in the Japan air raids. The archive includes subtitled video footage of survivors recounting their experiences, and allows users in Japan to view official U.S. documents.

The founders are Bret Fisk, 37, who moved to Japan nearly two decades ago and runs an English language school out of his home in Odawara, Kanagawa Prefecture, and 39-year-old Cary Karacas, an assistant professor at the City University of New York who specializes in modern Japanese history.

Read their digital archive of air raids on Japan

While doing research for a novel about the Pacific War that he is writing in Japanese, Fisk had come upon heartbreaking testimonies by survivors, including a gruesome account of a father being swallowed in flames as he tried to save his children.

"The only information we have about (the air raids) in the U.S. is from the perspective of the air force," Fisk says. "It's important to understand what the civilians on the ground experienced." Read More

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